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Chin Augmentation

Chin remodeling provides a well-proportioned defined chin gently blended into the face. The chin can be remodeled using dermal filler for improving chin volume and balancing facial proportions. Treatments with dermal fillers are performed only by our experienced doctor using premium fillers. 

Purpose: chin filling to create a harmonious and balanced facial profile

Procedure time: 5 – 10 minutes 

Anesthesia: Numbing cream

Results: Immediate

Recovery: None

Lasts: 8-10 months depending on the product used and individual characteristics

Benefits of chin remodeling: 

  • Stronger, defined face contour

  • Improved facial symmetry

  • Tighten sagging skin

  • Non-surgical treatment

  • Smoothen lower face wrinkles like marionette lines


chin remodeling, chin filler, chin definition by Erinda Kollcaku at Luxe Skin Clinic Tirana
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